Chris Elis-Romanian Rescuer and dear friend..
       Urgent operation needed - Can you help her?

Many of you will know about my friend Chris. For those not familiar with this rescue angel, here is a summary...
Chris Elis, and her Brother Emy live in Bucharest. For many years, they have struggled against the brutal abuse inflicted upon man's best friend. Chris has saved many lives from the hell hole public shelters, where dogs are systematically tortured, abused, and killed. Her home is a haven to around 7 dogs, as well as cats rescued from dire situations. She has managed to save many more animals, who are now living happy lives abroad, far away from the horrors that they endured in her hometown. Chris and her Brother Emy ask for nothing, except for help to pay for essential veterinary treatment as yet another abandoned dog is found on the roadside, or languishing in a public shelter. Now Chris herself needs vital help!
Chris needs a vital surgical operation. She has battled for weeks with sickness, lethargy and pains, and she initially thought that she had succumbed to a virus, exacerbated by the stress of saving and rescuing animals, as well as tending to her sick Mother, and recently losing her beloved dog 'Chicko'. However, I will for her sake, not divulge details, but let's just say that Chris needs a vital operation. And I do mean vital! The surgery costs 1500 Euro ($1750 US Dollars £1200 UK Pounds).
I have spent time with Chris and family in Bucharest, and without trying to embarrass her, I will state that I know how she lives, and how much she sacrifices for the stray animals of Romania. She lives in a small apartment. No luxuries, no holidays.

I am therefore pleading with my many rescue friends, those who know of my work in Romania and beyond, and those wonderful people who have followed my journey to date, who have supported me and helped to spread the word, to stop and pause just for a moment...
We all know that animal rescue is the most rewarding, yet emotionally draining vocation and calling. We cry so many tears, of both sadness and joy. To save a life makes all the heartbreak worthwhile. However, tonight my heart breaks for my friend..

If anyone wishes to help Chris in this latest battle, her most difficult battle yet, you can donate in various ways. To donate via Paypal (credit card options also available), simply send your donation to
[email protected] with reference 'Surgery'.

Alternatively, you can donate via bank account. Her details are...
Name Ciortan Cristina Elisabeta , Swift:BTRLRO22XXX , Account for euro RO57BTRLEURCRT0244526001, account for Ron RO10BTRLRONCRT0244526001 Banca Transilvania.

The lovely Myra Socher has also set up a dedicated 'Youcaring' fundraising page here

Please donate any amount you can afford. This girl has sacrificed her entire life, dedicating every waking moment to saving animals. I am sure that the wonderful people and friends who I have come to know, will all be aware of the need to support one another, especially in times of crisis. Let's give this girl the treatment and surgery that she deserves, so that she can continue doing what she does best...saving lives. Please spread the word-donate if able, and thank you all...
Gary Edwards (April 2016).