The future of the farm dogs is in jeopardy! Over 250 dogs saved from terrible abuse, neglect and cruelty.

Thanks to Ioana Iordana, these dogs have found their heaven..a place of sanctuary instead of a miserable existence out on the streets of Romania, where they are beaten, villified, and killed!

However, due to the many expenses involved in keeping so many dogs cared for, fed, and rehabilitated, the current situation is critical. Unless Ioana finds approximately 4000 Euro by the end of the month, the dogs will lose everything..their safe haven, and most importantly, the only love that they have ever received in their sad lives, all thanks to Ioana...

Last year, I gave up everything in the home, my job, my possessions, to be able to work on the farm caring for these dogs on a daily basis. So many dogs each with stories so heartbreaking...Poor 'Faith'..thrown from a car and discarded like trash, left lying on the roadside..weak and skinny, and with a degloved paw, her bones protruding from a serious injury...left to die, until Ioana spotted her. I myself have found day old puppies literally discarded in plastic carrier bags by the roadside. So many stories of heartbreak and despair, that I could write a book on the horrors we witness every day in Romania!

Ioana has saved countless lives, and currently has in excess of 250 beautiful dogs. Unless donations are raised in order to help Ioana and her animals, I fear for the future. The struggle to tend to so many dogs every day is financially great..veterinary costs, food, rent, bills, and Ioana is now struggling like never before...

If I could win the lottery tomorrow it would all be hers, because I love all the dogs passionately, but sadly I myself have no monies. Please if you can and are willing to help my dear friend, and the dogs in her care, you can do so via Paypal. The email is [email protected] or simply click the 'paypal donate button' below.

If you would like to contact Ioana personally, please email her at [email protected] should you require more information about her work. Please share, and spread the word, because this wonderful woman dedicates every waking moment of her life to these animals. She barely sleeps, she has no time for holidays, visiting nice restaurants, or enjoying the simple things that most of us take for granted. Her life is the dogs, and she deserves our help. So spread the word, and let's give Ioana and her dogs security and a future

                               Thank you from the very core of my Heart and Soul..Gary Edwards