Borko-The famous crippled and beaten abused dog - Celebrity Campaign.

Many people around the World have been touched by the plight of a stray dog called 'Borko'. As a stray puppy, Borko was beaten so badly by local villagers that his back was broken. Dr George Litov saw this poor puppy crawling on his belly in agony, as he dragged his broken body across the street, and scooped him in his arms, to take him to safety. A year after Borko was beaten, he was sat outside his home, when a mob of villagers stormed the building. Borko was considered 'vermin' and one of the villagers broke into the premises and poor Borko was attacked again! He was beaten with a stick, unable to escape due to his disability, and a local TV News crew filmed & encited this act, declaring a so called 'War On Strays'.

I was first made aware of Borko's plight via Michelle Jones of K9-Rescue Bulgaria, and on seeing the original footage showing this dog being attacked yet again, I HAD to do something! I asked Michelle if she would like to join me, to visit Borko and his owner and carer, Dr. George Litov. The primary focus was to show our support for the Doctor and his crippled dog, and to stop the persecution that they were enduring in their village.

A week into making plans to visit Bulgaria, I was approached by Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger from Wetnose Animal Aid UK. Together, we began organising our campaign, and the wonderful Celebrity actress Lorraine Chase, star of 'Emmerdale' and 'I'm a Celebrity, get me outa here' agreed to join us. Lorraine is passionate about all animals, and loves dogs. The wonderful Wendy Turner Webster, TV Presenter, Journalist, and animal advocate, who has presented many TV shows such as the hit UK show 'Pet Rescue', also agreed to join us...So on June 12th 2013, myself at Norton Animal Rescue, Michelle at K9-Rescue, Gavin at Wetnose Animal Aid, and our lovely Celebrities, joined by Peter Fison Director of South West London TV, took off on the mercy mission, to begin our 'Borko the crippled dog - campaign for change for Bulgarian animals'.

                     The Original Footage from Romanian TV, showing Borko being attacked.

'Borko' Tale of a crippled dog..Feature length documentary..This is the DVD version. Watch the tale of 'Borko', and see Lorraine Chase & Wendy Turner Webster highlight the plight of Bulgarian stray animals..A tale to warm your hearts...Click below to view the film...

Lorraine Chase speaks to Matthew Wright, on CH 5 'The Wright Stuff' about 'Borko' the dog, a few days after arriving back in the UK from the 'Borko' mission in Bulgaria.

Gary Edwards gives a press statement, at the start of the 'Borko the crippled dog - campaign for change for Bulgarian animals' & urges the Bulgarian authorities to implement spay & neutering procedures to stop indiscriminate breeding.

                                           Film Highlights from the Bulgarian Campaign

Listen to Lorraine Chase speaking about our mission to Bulgaria, on 'Barking Blondes' BBC London Radio show, with

Jo Good and Anna Webb on June 20th 2013.

Click button below to listen...


Buy the new 'Borko' book!! Designed for kids, this fantastic colouring-in picture book will not only keep them amused, but will also tell the story of 'Borko' & teach children compassion for all animals..Now available at the following link...

We have many stories of heartbreak and joy, and the campaign was a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.

Many hours of footage was filmed, should any producers be interested in our story. We also have many photographs available. Please contact Gary Edwards at [email protected]

More information is available at the 'Justice for Borko' website.

Should you require footage from SWLTV, please email Peter Fison at [email protected]

Lorraine meets a very special friend, during our visit to the Kiro Refuge at Bankiya. A small band of rescue volunteers operate the shelter, working tirelessly to help abandoned and abused dogs.

                                    Lorraine Chase and Wendy Turner Webster meet our 'Borko'.

I wish to thank Peter Egan (Actor), and Myra for their support. Also thanks to celebrities Samantha Fox, Fia Tarrant & Mum Ingrid, Maria Daines, Jolene Rapino (Blalock), USA actress and model. Your support during our mission was wonderful...Thank you all. xxx

  • Lorraine meets a new friend
    Lorraine meets a new friend
  • Wendy meets Borko the crippled dog
    Wendy meets Borko the crippled dog
  • Cute pups at Animal Rescue Sofia
    Cute pups at Animal Rescue Sofia
  • Lorraine interviews Borko's Vet, Dr. Pachev
    Lorraine interviews Borko's Vet, Dr. Pachev
  • Please give me a home
    Please give me a home
  • Interview time
    Interview time
  • Lovely Lorraine
    Lovely Lorraine
Lorraine meets a new friend
Lorraine meets a new friend
                 Filmed in Bulgaria in June, 2013 at the Bankiya shelter...

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