Purchase my books here! All sales go towards the various charities that I support.
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 Latest book out now! Entitled 'Tales of an underdog'. This book documents my work to date, from my time spent living on the streets of London, to the beginnings of 'Norton Animal Rescue' and features the stories of 'Borko', 'Johanna', and many more! 

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The Animal Kingdom Foundation - The work of the AKF Organisation in the Philippines, saving dogs from certain, horrific death, at the hands of illegal dog meat traders. Inside you will meet the staff, and the many animals at the largest shelter in the Philippines, and you will be amazed to see the dedication, and heartbreaking stories of survival, in order to eradicate this cruel trade.   Link for copy -  
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                                                        Also available to purchase for Tablet, I-Pads & smartphones

A Dog called Angel - A heartwarming, supernatural tale of one man's survival..A dog can change your life, and this story follows one man's struggle to survive, and a chance encounter with a very special little dog, who saves him in every way..A tale to warm your hearts...
All profits made from every sale, fund volunteering work, saving the dogs & animals from the horrific Meat trade in the Far East, as well as other projects. If you love movies such as 'Fluke', 'Lassie', 'Homeward Bound', 'Hachi', you will LOVE this book!!
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