A Message from Andrea...

      "Please thank everyone for their wonderful kind words and thoughts, so moving! NO flowers please, only donations, as          Gavin would love to give a donation to German Shepherd Dog Rescue. He loved his shepherds as I do. . .
       Cheques made out to Wetnose Animal Aid then when I collect them all I will send them to GSD Rescue.
       Please send cheques to..
Harvey Brothers Funeral Directors, Newgate, Kirby Cane, Bungay Suffolk, NR35 2PP


       I have seen some of the lovely comments from Karen and Saffron and so many others. Please say a BIG THANK YOU              from me and sending a big hug to everyone. Most wonderful people and friends helping to keep me strong at the                    moment. Can't believe I will never see that cheeky smile again...saw your lovely pictures which made me smile.
       Thank you Gary my dear friend XXXXXXXX"
It is with the heaviest, and saddest of hearts, that we say goodbye to the most compassionate, funniest, wonderful man that I ever had the privilege to know. Gavin Gamby Boulger-Founder of Wetnose Animal Aid passed peacefully on Friday 23rd.
I only knew Gavin for the briefest of moments compared to some, but I came to realise that this man truly was an angel for all our animal friends.

I first met Gavin and Andrea as a guest of the annual 'Wetnose Animal Awards', and it was thanks to them both, that my foundation work continues to this day. Gavin gave me the will, the determination, the motivation, to follow my calling, and to help our animal friends.

Gavin and Andrea campaigned on behalf of many charities, and visited many places throughout the World. They helped me during the campaign in Bulgaria,  and they became my closest of friends. Together we campaigned for Romanian stray dogs, and our dreams and visions were shared...

My ultimate goal-to have their dream realised..A national televised 'Wetnose Day', similar to the annual 'Red Nose Day'. To highlight the plight of animals throughout the World, and to raise much needed donations, and help those who strive to help our animal friends. That was Gavin's dream...(See bottom of page for more info).

I am sure that like myself, many of his friends are today numb in shock, disbelief, and heartbroken. As Pola (K-9 Angels) said to me today.. "We all 'got him'..he was stardust and a rare breed of a man".

Those who knew Gavin and Andrea will know of their achievements to date...From campaigns in the Far East, Afghanistan, Romania and beyond, to championing the lesser known rescue centres, and of course their wonderful work with their annual Wetnose 'Pose with a nose' Fun Day, and also their 'Wetnose Awards', a yearly star studded event which celebrates and rewards many charities in the UK and beyond..The highlight of the year!

Gavin truly was an inspiration to me, and many others. My deepest respects and condolences to all his family, and to them all (especially Andrea), please remember that you are not alone...We are hear for you day or night..

Although Gavins light no longer shines with us here today, remember that the brightest of stars shine at night, and Gavin will always shine brighter than them all. In the darkness of today, our dearest friend will forever be a beacon, and his life and legacy will always shine in the darkness, showing us the way...

                                                                                      Love you my friend...

             Beautiful messages from Gavin's friends...

Angela Humphreys.."Little did I know when this picture was taken at the ‘Greyhounds in Need’ film-show at the Royal Society of Medicine on 5th December that I would never see Gavin again. We are devastated to have lost such a wonderful friend and a friend of animals. This picture was taken because I dedicated my book (which we are all holding), amongst others, to Gavin and Andrea (founders of Wetnose Animal Aid) along with Peter Egan and John Rendall. We shall miss him greatly and hope that as a memorial, an annual Wetnose Day will be established on TV which Gavin had been working on for so many years."

Saffron-Republica.."Feeling sad today...Last year I had the privilege of going on a charity mission to Romania with Wetnose Animal Aid, SWLTV's Peter Fison, Norton Animal Rescue, the K-9 Angels, & Lorraine Chase to film a documentary about the plight of thousands of stray dogs who are being tortured and killed for money by corrupt officials using dogcatchers..
We visited many shelters solely run by volunteers who themselves are threatened everyday..
Gavin was a GREAT ambassador for animal welfare here and internationally, devoting his life to rescuing, rehoming, fundraising and saving animals sometimes in places no one else dared to go, together with his lovely wife Andrea.
Wetnose supporters inc: Dame Judi Dench, Brian May, Ricky Gervais, Amanda Holden, Paul O'Grady Peter Egan, Wendy Turner Webster and Jenny Seagrove.
He was a lovely, fun gentleman, and you will be sadly missed my friend..All my Love to his family...XXX"
Maria Daines.."It would be a wonderful tribute to Gavin if his dream came true and Wetnose Animal Day, which he and Andrea worked so hard for, became a reality to be televised like Comic Relief and Children in Need. I last saw Gavin and Andrea at Rock for Rescue in February with Hawkwind, and they were both so happy that the event was a great success after months of planning. That's how I will remember Gavin, smiling, welcoming and full of enthusiasm to help animals xx"
Anneka Tanaka..
"He achieved so much, he did make a difference and raised awareness for so much. He was inspirational xxx"
Karen Chamberlain.."My poor bestie Andrea Gamby Boulger, my hero and who I aspire to be more like...Has today lost her amazing and wonderful husband Gavin Gamby-Boulger, who worked so hard for Wetnose Animal Aid, they are wetnose, we just filmed with them before Christmas...I am so shocked there are no words...Sending you all our love and hugs, so shocked xxxxx"
Fia Tarrant..
"What a wonderful man, not only a loss for humans but for animals too. Xxx"
Pola K-9 Angels.."We all 'got him'..He was stardust, and a true breed of a man"
From everyone at 'Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary'..
It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that co -founder of Wetnose Animal Aid died on friday.

Gavin Gamby-Boulger with his wife Andrea created the incredible organisation to support small animal charities, not only in UK, but all over the world. Their energy and enthusiasm drew in support from all over and they have made an enormous difference to many lives and helped many charities.
The loss of such a big hearted man is huge and we are so very sad .
We send our love and support to Andrea and her family and all at Wetnose.
Your loss is our loss too.
Rest in Peace Gavin
Victoria Eisermann-K-9 Angels.."In absolute shock that you are no longer with us Gavin Gamby-Boulger. I have thought about you and Andrea all day today. You were an amazing man with a huge heart who did so much to help animals. RIP Gavin.xxxx"

           Just a few of the many tweets for Gavin...

"A beautiful man. What will all those little souls do without him. What will we do without him? We will continue his work X"
Actress Lorraine Chase...

"Yes we will lovely Lorraine X”. Totally ! X
-So very sad".
Samantha Fox...

"Devastated to hear that Myra's & my good friend Gavin has died suddenly today. He was a great friend to animals"
Actor Peter Egan...

"Such sad news. Gavin was an inspiration"
Actress Vicki Michelle...

"Oh goodness......so so sad. Lovely man, animal hero. Shine on Gavin."

Jill Robinson-Founder Animals Asia...

"Very very sad news. Wonderful man."
 Presenter Helen Chamberlain...

          "Deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Gavin,                         Founder Wetnose Animal Aid. Inspirational animal                  ambassador & friend"
           Dr. Daniel Allen...

          "Well said Dan and so so true.."
           Rob Fellows Reiki...

                                            Gavin's dream - 'Wetnose Day'

Gavin's life was a life filled with achievement, hope, and a desire to help others. Many will have their own special memories of our friend, and those memories will never fade. His smile, his humour, and his passion, touched so many lives, and inspired so many. Many people live their lives and never accomplish their dreams. Gavin's dreams became our reality, and it was an honour to share them with him. His ultimate dream..to have a televised national 'Wetnose Day', similar to the annual 'Red Nose' day, to raise donations for rescue centres, charities, and those working in animal welfare. That was his ultimate dream...And if its the last thing I do, I will strive to help make this dream a reality. I truly believe that collectively, we can achieve this goal for Gavin and Andrea...

We need a national Televised TV event, just like 'Red Nose' day..A 'Wetnose' day, to raise millions for lots of charities and animals..Please get the ball rolling & share, tweet, and let's hound those TV Exec's and producers! Britain is a nation of pet lovers, and the format is ready-the celebrities are ready, and many are already wearing their 'wetnose' with pride in the photos! The singers and bands are ready-the animals and charities are ready-lots of great guests, performers, cute animals, and throw in some generous helpings of fun! I truly believe that just like 'Red Nose' day, and 'Children in need', this show would generate national interest, and most importantly, funding for many charities and animals. Together, I am certain that we can collectively accomplish such a dream for Gavin & Andrea & for the animals that they love..
                                                                  Lets make 2015 the year to make this happen!!

                         Please email [email protected] or
[email protected]                                                for enquiries, more info, and let's get this show on the road! 'Wetnose Day' Animals In Need...
Listen to our wonderful friend Peter Egan, speaking to Jo Good and Anna Webb on their BBC Radio show 'Barking Blondes', on Thursday 29th January.
Peter speaks about Gavin & Wetnose, and also discusses the dog meat trade, and his recent efforts to highlight this cruel trade...Thank you Peter, Anna, and Jo...

Peter Egan speech Gavin

       If anyone would like to donate to one of Gavin's favourite charities, you can do so here..Please state the reason for                your donation via the message box on the website - In memory of
Gavin Gamby-Boulger, as this charity was very dear           to his heart..Thank you.XxX

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