'Johanna' Sexually Abused & Beaten Dog - Distressing Info-photographs!

'Johanna' Just another example of Romanian cruelty upon stray dogs! Stanescu Cornelia, who works for a Romanian Non Profit animal rescue organisation called 'Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor-HULDA', saw her lying on the streets in Rosiori De Vede on August 26th at 5.40pm...Her injuries are horrific!
Her jaw has been deliberately smashed, resulting in loss of teeth, her front legs are possibly broken, and she has been abused physically & sexually, having had sticks and grass forcibly inserted into her mouth and anus...(I am in tears as I write this)...
She is being taken to a veterinary centre in Bucharest, after having initial first aid in the town where she was first found...

Having recently undertaken the campaign visit to Romania, spearheaded by Wetnose Animal Aid with The K9 Angels,
'Norton Animal Rescue' has promised to highlight 'Johannas' plight,  and show the World what is happening to Romanian stray dogs..

Abuse such as this cannot, and will not be tolerated in todays society! This criminal act must be investigated and 'Justice for Johanna' must be served!
A petition will soon be made available from Stanescu, urging the Romanian Authorities to investigate this act of brutality.

Words and story from Stanescu who first found her on the street..."She was found today after an incoming call, lying in front of a gate on the street as you see in all pictures. This is what a 'human' can do to a poor dog. She was beaten until mutilated. Jaw, tongue and teeth are broken, as well as front legs. She also has grass and sticks stuck in her anus and in her mouth. She receives today first aid, and tomorrow if she will survive, she will be transported to a clinic in Bucharest. We will make penal complaint to the police to find the person who committed this act."
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/APPAHULDA
             **UPDATE AS OF 27-08-2014** - TRANSLATED...
                    'SHE MADE IT THROUGH LAST NIGHT'
"Johanna was today brought to the clinic in Bucharest. After the first examination on site in Rosiori, the vet told us, that a part of Joan's lower jaw is completely destroyed. Tomorrow morning, a specialist will come to the clinic and amputate Johanna a part of their lower jaw, so this will be reduced in the future. Then he will reconstruct the rest of their lower jaw. Johanna is still in a very critical condition. However, if tomorrow's operation is not performed, is a high risk of infection. Please continue to pray for our Johanna, she needs you now quite firmly ❤ - Johanna was transfered to the clinic in Bucharest today. The first check after the veterinary said in Rosiori, that the lower jaw is destroyed.The specialist wants to amputate the broken bones tomorrow and make a plastic surgery to restore the mandibular area. Her jaw, they want to remain shorter. She still needs our good thoughts to overcome this critical period. Thank you very much!"
**Update 28.08.2014: "Johanna was operated on today at Onevet clinic in collaboration with a specialist. It's been a long operation and she still needs good thoughts to overcome this period. Tomorrow we will post new pics with x ray and the complaint we made to police, in the hope that those who did this will to be found...Thank you all for your pray and donations."

Latest Post-Op Photos! She has had part of her lower mandible removed and cleaned. She will look kinda different to what she once was, but she will hopefully be ok...Keep her in your prayers and pray that she makes a full recovery.

UPDATE AS OF 29TH AUGUST- "Johanna feels good after yesterday's surgery. Today she even ate some canned food. The next week will still be difficult for this poor little soul, because of the high risk of infection. She gets intensive treatments and we are hopeful, that everything goes well. Johanna is a fighter! She is a lively and very loving dog"

                                                                 Gary meets Johanna

On Saturday 13th Sept, Gary visited the 'One Vet' clinic in Bucharest, to meet the team at HULDA who saved little 'Johanna'. Norton Animal Rescue Foundation raised £1000's to pay for her medical treatment, thanks to the many wonderful donators who followed her sad story..It is testament to his followers and supporters, that within 12 hours of Gary setting up the donations link, over £1500 was so generously given, in order to provide the surgery and aftercare, and eventual rehoming costs. Gary personally wishes to thank, each and every one of these wonderful people, who have given Johanna a happy new life. See final paragraph below.

What a fantastic ending for our little 'Johanna'! On October 3rd, this beautiful little dog finally found her forever home! Thanks to Team HULDA, she embarked on her journey to Austria, to finally live a life full of love in a wonderful caring family environment...A World away from her previous life in Romania!
As soon as she arrived, she was so tired from such an epic journey, that she fell fast asleep in her new warm bed...

Good luck 'little mouse' Johanna, and may all your days be filled with love and joy!

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