Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose Animal Aid is a non-profit organisation, run by Gavin and Andrea Gamby Boulger, in Norfolk-UK.
Their aims are to create funds, to support rescue centres throughout the UK and abroad. As Andrea says..
"Wetnose is about helping the lesser-known centres, and those rescuers who receive no funding, grants or publicity, and who need financial assistance, in order to carry on their vital work".

Wetnose animal aid is endorsed by celebrities such as Joanna Lumley, Brian May, Rick Wakeman, Vicki Michelle, Peter Egan, Amanda Holden to name but a few. The 'Wetnose Animal Awards' is an annual event, and hosted
by Wendy Turner Webster, (presenter of Pet Rescue), which highlights the work being done by various organisations and individuals, honouring them with a unique award and a cash donation. This star studded
event has included past winners such as Jill Robinson-Animal Asia, and Virginia McKenna-Born Free Foundation.

Wetnose also raises funds, holding a 'Pose With a Nose' day..This is a national fundraising event, where everybody is asked to buy a nose, and do whatever they can to raise funds. Celebrities 'posing with their noses' include Ricky Gervais, Deborah Meadon, Sue Perkins and many others...

My personal affiliation with Gavin and Andrea, is that having been invited to the Wetnose Animal Awards and meeting them both in person, they were involved in helping me during the 'Justice for Borko' campaign in Bulgaria, and I returned the favour during the recent Romanian campaign for stray dogs, being their official photographer.
I look forward to working with them on future campaigns, to highlight the plight of suffering animals...

I consider them both as true friends, and I support them wholeheartedly. I ask you to do the same. Thank you.

      Maoland Shelter-Romania
    Animal Rescue Sofia-Bulgaria
      The 'Trixie Foundation - USA

The Maoland Non-govermental, non-profit Animal Welfare association, was officialy registered in Romania in August 2010. Marinela Piperea and her almost 400 dogs and 15 cats live in the middle of nowhere, with sometimes no running water or electricity. Her animals sometimes eat every other day but don't complain because they have been rescued from terrible situations and they know what love is now, thanks to Marinela.
That is just the beginning of the story. The Maoland shelter aim not only to make the dogs safe, and away from the horrors of the streets and dog catchers (which in Harsova is an illegal activity as there is no Public Shelter and as such should have no dog catchers!) but ensure their good health and ultimately find them their first and forever loving home for life. Marinela has no staff as such. Her son is an officer on board ship and is often away at sea, her daughter Andreea lives in Constanta approx. 100kms away. When not working, both her Son & Daughter help their Mother at the shelter. Marinela is the only one who is there and helping the dogs 24/7. Without donations Maoland will not survive. They are desperately trying to raise funds to have the dogs in the shelter microchipped to comply with the new directive, but this is not going well as monies when available are used for food which is understandable. They are doing such a fantastic job, keeping the dogs away from certain death, cruelty and persecution. They struggle to feed the animals daily, due to lack of funds. Please donate via the links and support these animal angels! Thank you. Paypal Donations to  [email protected]

           Red Panda Romania
Red Panda Shelter is situated in the heart of Bucharest. During our Romanian Campaign for 'Justice for Romanian Dogs', this was the very first shelter that we visited. We were very impressed by the dedication of the workers, staff, and volunteers, who have saved and taken many dogs off the streets, having previously led miserable lonely lives. Many have afflictions, injuries, and need specialist care and attention. Red Panda provides the dogs with rehabilitation, care, and love. A special play area, and exercise pen has been built, to accomodate the needs of the animals in their care. Please give them the support that they need, by donating, and joining their facebook page. Thank you.
Paypal donations to
[email protected]

As of January 2014 and thanks to the effort of thousands of people, Animal Rescue Sofia has a new place – The Farm! Once the reconstructions are finished and the registration takes place, the Farm will be the first and only non-governmental dog shelter in Sofia. ARSofia no longer has anything to do with the Bogrov shelter.

It will take up some months to turn The Farm into a real animal shelter – there is much to be done. The larger building on the 6000 square meter plot will be reconstructed into a kennel area – it will house approx. 200 animals. The smaller building will house our Franziska Clinic – a place to treat, heal and quarantine the new dogs and cats that arrive to the facility. There is also plenty of work with the sewage, electricity, insulation, roofs and etc.

Volunteers are welcome – to become a part of the reconstructions – donating work or materials – JOIN HERE.

Please note, whilst we will not be admitting new animals until the shelter is fully registered and operational, we still have 250 dogs with us. They are available for adoption and would love to see you on our regular weekend walks!

Once registered, our shelter will house its own clinic. It will be called “The Franziska clinic” in honor of a very special person and the patron saint of all living things – human and animal.

The clinic accepts any and all medical donations – human and veterinarian medications, materials, used and new apparatus etc. See the items on our Wish List if you would like to help out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Donations via 


             K9 Rescue Bulgaria

K9 Rescue’s mission is to tackle cruelty to dogs in Eastern Europe with our work primarily in Bulgaria where we originated.  We believe in empowering local independent rescuers and grass-roots charities by encouragement and development of their skills for self-sufficiency in animal welfare, with a focus on eliminating the future need of foreign NGO’s by creating the framework for better animal care, through animal welfare education of the public as well as through veterinary training.

With your support, we campaign effectively to change the most intense and large-scale dog welfare issues. 

Michelle Jones (Pictured above) was instrumental during the 'Borko' crippled beaten dog campaign.

Visit their website to donate at


Randy Skaggs chose to live with his canine companions in an old, run-down tool trailer on the site of an abandoned oil well operation. There, for four long months - without running water, indoor plumbing or any other modern-day convenience - Randy remained loyal to his faithful Prussia, Sadie Bear, Trixie, Candi, Barney, Bessie, and Hamid.

Later in September of that same year, Randy found a little, empty house in the woods. Soon, he had made arrangements for all of them to move into their new home. But, after only a few months of living there happily together, his precious baby Trixie was attacked by other dogs while he was away; Randy was devastated.

One week later, to the very day, hour and minute - Randy, brokenhearted, knelt on the very same spot where just the week before he held little Trixie in his arms as she peacefully, quietly slipped away and died in his arms. With overwhelming grief and tears of sadness running down his face, he pledged to both himself and to his beloved, departed Trixie - that just like he had found and rescued her only a few years earlier, he would now do the same for other unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals - all in her precious memory, all in her name. And on that cold and dreary wintry afternoon of January 22, 1990, Randy began The Trixie Foundation.

Today, almost 24 years later, The Trixie Foundation is increasingly making a name for itself both regionally and nationally - a catalyst for changing the way animals are treated throughout Kentucky, Appalachia and America...

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AMCF-Animal Medical Care Foundation
The Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) is a foundation whose goal it is to support more than 80 animal refuges / shelters in over 30 countries worldwide with medicine, medical equipment and other care products.  

We want to make a bridge between people and animals, not only by showing the brave volunteers that there are people who care, but more Importantly: by helping animals we help mankind. Animals feed, dress, rescue, heal and comfort mankind. What would we do without them?
The problem with stray animals can be solved by neutering, that is why the AMCF strongly supports the No Kill Policy (spay / neuture, vaccinate, identiy, release).
Visit their website to donate at

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