Story of Rex -"Poor little Rex"...Rex lived together with 20 dogs at an old factory. The factory is now closed and the owners have left, so the dogs have been put on the street (not uncommon in Serbe). Rex was one of them. The people who worked at the factory fed the dogs but now there is no one. Someone called a serbe family, who takes care of injured dogs and they have taken him. He can not survive on the streets. It is unclear at the moment what is wrong with him. He needs an operation on his deformed legs but maybe there is more wrong with him, when you look at his crooked back and also his hindlegs don't seem okay. Action was needed to raise funds so he could get the best medical treatment.

On the 6th of April Rex left Serbe direction Frankfurt picked up by Nancy who drove from Belgium to pick him up. Then Sylvie and Mike (AMCF) drove from France to Saarbrucken to pick him up there, so after a journey of almost 36 hours Rex arrived in the Morvan France at foundation Dj-Imba.

Rex his frontlegs, back and backlegs are deformed which makes it difficult for him to walk, especially his left foreleg is very bad.

On the 12th april Rex went for a first medical checkup to the regular vet of Betty (Foundation Dj-Imba) in Avallon (France). Rex joined her on an animal event 15-17 April in Holland and saw a vet at a specialised clinique in Holland on the 18th. From then on Rex will be treated at a specialised clinique in Paris."

I first got involved with Rex's case, after hearing about the good work being done by AMCF (Animal Medical Care Foundation). Together, enough funds were raised to give Rex the chance of a new, happy life...The photos say it all....A very happy Rex - yay!!

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