On October 13th, Norton Animal Rescue headed off to Hunedoara in Romania. Gary was invited by Kerry Richards Standfast and Lisa Jane Megennis who set up 'Kellisa Animal Rescue', in order to help people like the fantastic rescuer Laura Calugaru and her dogs, many she has saved from Hunedoara public kill shelter in Romania where they would have been killed after 10 days.

Laura set up her shelter 'Nobody Souls Hunedoara Rescue' and has single-handedly saved many 100's of dogs from the kill shelter by providing them with sanctuary and love. Many of her dogs are available for adoption, and she has successfully rehomed dogs to Germany and the UK, and they are now living happy lives. Currently, Laura has around 200 dogs at her shelter.

This visit was primarily aimed at helping Laura with not only routine tasks such as feeding, cleaning etc, but to provide extra hands in order to get substantial building and remedial work done, from preparing the fully equipped on site veterinary room, to tiling the kennel floors.

The dogs at her shelter love having visitors, and they had an extra treat in store due to our visit, which included the lovely Lucy Barrett, Angela Moran, and Sam Butler Henderson, who together have a wealth of experience working with dogs..but our work was non stop..from buying supplies, to building kennels and tiling the rooms, to painting, buying fresh bedding, and getting ready for the cold winter, cleaning, feeding and lots more..All to make Laura's life a little easier, and to help the dogs in her care..As usual during such campaigns we also helped the town strays and fed them at night. Yes, we were exhausted, but we went to bed happy that we've made a difference. Kerry and Lisa have raised £1000's in their quest to help animals, and they have set up various fundraising events, even doing skydives, and all manner of events in order to help shelters like the one we visited. If you would like to make a difference too, and help the wonderful dogs, please visit the link for Kellisa Animal Rescue and donate and share. Thank you 🐶❤🐶  

Please visit their facebook page for details   https://www.facebook.com/Kellisaanimalrescue/ 



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