'Wetnose'-Documentary film from the Romanian Campaign

This documentary tells the facts in Romania as they really are, regarding the stray dog issue. This is a factual, yet emotional film, that shows the horrors of what goes on, and the efforts of those that are trying to put it right. Our thanks to all who helped put this together. RIP all those who have died so needlessly. Special thanks to singers Saffron Republica, Samantha Fox and Myra, actress Lorraine Chase, Peter Fison at SWLTV, Victoria and Pola at K-9 Angels, Actor Peter Egan for narration, and Wetnose founders Gavin and Andrea Gamby Boulger.  *Please note..This film is not suitable for minors..Thank you.
On March 28th 2014, The Wetnose Team comprising of 'Wetnose Animal Aid', 'Norton Animal Rescue', 'K-9 Angels', and our celebrity guests, finally landed in Romania. The campaign began by visiting various rescue shelters within Bucharest, to publicise the work being done, and to show the World what is happening to Romanian stray dogs.

Wetnose Animal Aid Founders Andrea & Gavin Gamby Boulger, who spearheaded this current campaign, were joined once again by Gary Edwards from Norton Animal Rescue Foundation, and the gorgeous girls from K-9 Angels, Singer Pola Pospieszalska & Model-TV Personality Victoria Eisermann, with Jade Williams-singer & model/actress, and Nanu Madalina-dog rescuer from Craiova.

Our celebrity guests which included Lorraine Chase and Saffron Sprackling (Republica), joined forces to become a voice for the many dogs who are being culled and abused. Together, the 'A Team' (Animal Team) have documented the plight of these animals, and the desperation of those people trying to save their lives. Dogs have for centuries, been companion animals, and their loyalty to humanity commands the respect and compassion that they deserve. To consider dogs as nothing more than vermin, and to eradicate and cull such a loyal species, is a great injustice and betrayal to all those animals who have faithfully served, and stood by the side of mankind for millenia.

The shelters that we visited are implementing alternative methods to control the stray population. This involves spay & neutering procedures, deworming & flea treatments, and tagging the strays. This is by far, a more humane and effective long term solution. However, ASPA which stands for 'The Authority for Surveillance and Protection of Animals',  are threatening those who are trying to help the animals, often working during the night in order to hide their activities, and taking dogs from shelters illegally, in order to transfer them to the public shelters where they face certain death. This ensures that they receive the payment of approx 50 Euro's for every captured dog. The methods used to capture the dogs are barbaric and without mercy. We have documentary video evidence of dogs being strangled to death on catch-poles, beaten, and worse. The people that we met during our campaign are literally terrified, and they cried in our arms begging us for help, to show the World the truth. This is not a humane operation-It is a holocaust, and even when the dogs are 'euthanised', it is neither humane, nor dignified.

Following a complaint by FOUR PAWS, the Bucharest Authority for Surveillance and Protection of Animals (ASPA), officially subordinat
e to Bucharest City Hall, is facing prosecution for theft, abuse of power and destruction of property.  Please see the following link for more details



                          'Grivita' - Brutally attacked-Horrifically injured-Now loved and safe.

'Grivita' - Just one of countless dogs that we met in Romania. Horrifically abused-considered vermin & subjected to a horrific act of cruelty. She was a street dog who hung around a tower block, receiving scraps from locals. One day, someone attacked her with a metal pole, resulting in horrific injuries. Her mouth and snout were ripped off and she lay for days on the streets, losing a lot of blood. . Luckily for Grivita, Anca Tomsecu, a resident veterinarian at VIER PFOTEN Romaniasaw this poor dog as she was passing by, and was horrified. She was hesitant at first, as due to the extent of her injuries, she was afraid she would be aggressive....But Grivita simply wagged her tail...sigh :(

Anca immediately took Grivita in her arms, & for the first time in her sad life on the streets, she received love and care. Anca did consider putting Grivita to sleep, such was the extent of her injuries, but because this little dog showed so much spirit, Anca swore a promise, to let her live, and to show the evil person who inflicted these injuries, that they had NOT won!

Grivita has had reconstructive surgery to ease her breathing, and now has a upper pallet to enable her to eat. Having undergone a number of operations, Grivita now lives a life full of love, and is the official mascott of Vier Pfoten, & greets every visitor to the Speranta animal shelter with a wagging tail and a smile. Meeting this dog, and knowing what she has gone through, made us all realise just why we embarked on this Romanian campaign. We shed many tears, as Grivita was just one of countless dogs that we met during our visit. Many are crippled, many have missing limbs, and all because they are considered 'Vermin' and 'Pests'.
These animals, despite their suffering, continue to trust in mankind, and show unconditional love to all who meet them. We MUST stop this cruelty for their sakes!

                                                          Return Visit-September 2014.

On September 10th 2014, Gary returned to Romania. Specifically to stay at the Maoland Shelter in Harzova. The shelter has many 100's of dogs saved from the streets and cared for. Marinela Piperea and her daughters work round the clock, feeding, walking, and looking after the animals in their care. This shelter touched Gary's heart, as during the campaign visit, the gratitude shown by these wonderful people, was something that deeply moved us all. They were desperate for someone to take notice of their plight, and their hugs as they cried tears as we said our goodbyes, was something that deeply moved us all. Gary promised he would return one day...

Gary stayed at Maoland Shelter for a few days, and then onto the home of Ioana Iordana, who runs a farm area, dedicated to saving the stray dogs. The visit involved all aspects, ranging from saving street dogs and puppies and taking them to the safety of the shelters and away from harm, to caring for all the animals daily requirements, and helping with everyday tasks.

Please support Gary, and especially the Maoland Shelter. Links to donate on bottom of page. Any donations received will provide food, medicines, and support, to the shelters and people that Gary visits. Thank you.


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