It is with great pleasure that I announce that Saffron Republica, singer and animal lover, who joined the campaign with Lorraine Chase, during the 'Wetnose trip' celebrity campaign, has now been named as the 'Official Patron' of Maoland Shelter.
In order to promote the work being done, and to raise it's profile, Saffron has personally donated, and has raised significantly, the status of Maoland, and I thank her sincerely from my very heart. Saffron-Your a true star in every sense!

On September 10th 2014, Gary returned to Romania, to visit once again 'Maoland Shelter' in Harzova. The purpose of this follow up visit, was to promote the work being done by Mom Marinela Piperea and daughter Andreea, who care for around 350 dogs and cats at Maoland Shelter, and to offer support, advice and practical help, with further visits planned for the future.
Since his return, two wonderful girls, Gayle Cole (who also visited Maoland recently), and Brenda Davidson, both from England, have been instrumental in the logistical aspects of keeping this shelter going, for the sake of the animals. They constantly work towards raising the necessary donations, to provide regular food and medical expenses, and they work their socks off, car booting, stalls, events and such, in order to make sure that the dogs never go hungry. Without these two ladies, Maoland shelter would struggle to provide food and supplies. I am forever grateful to them both. Two very special ladies indeed!!
On Saturday 13th, Gary also visited the 'One Vet' clinic in Bucharest, to meet the team at HULDA who saved little 'Johanna', the severely beaten and sexually abused dog. Norton animal rescue raised £1000's to pay for her medical treatment, thanks to the many wonderful donators who followed her sad story..Please see the page entitled 'Johanna-Beaten Abused Dog'.
Returning to Romania was a very emotional journey. Gary witnessed firsthand, the daily struggles to keep Romanian dogs safe, free from a sad life on the streets and from acts of cruelty and abuse. Working at Maoland shelter, he watched the girls working tirelessly to maintain the shelter, feeding the many dogs and cats who reside there, and struggling to raise donations in order to pay for food and essentials. Gary has promised to return to Maoland shelter, to bring into fruition his plans to help Maoland, ranging from sponsorship and adoption, in order to bring in much needed donations and help. Gary is planning regular future visits to help Maoland shelter, and to raise awareness of their work. Gary watched as Mom Marinela cried, as she had to choose which dogs to feed, and which dogs to go hungry that day, due to lack of food supplies. Therefore the older dogs and puppies were fed, whilst many others had no food that day...

Spending time with Ioana in Bucharest, Gary watched the many stray dogs come out of their hiding places as dusk appeared. The dogs would congregate in public places..bus shelters, cafe's, by lorry parking area's, garage forecourts, sitting patiently as they hoped that someone would toss them a few scraps of food. However, most people just ignore the stray dogs and their lives are a daily struggle. Many dogs lay dead on the highways, their bodies left to rot, as nobody cares...
One day Gary was feeding stray dogs by a local supermarket, and the look of disgust shown to him by locals told him everything.
He also witnessed little children throwing rocks at a poor stray dog in a busy suburb of Bucharest. He scolded them, trying to convey to them the importance of being kind to animals, but the children just laughed...
Gary and Ioana took strays off the streets and back to her farm sanctuary. One in particular had a nasty wound to it's neck..Cause unknown, but it looked like a deliberate act of cruelty. Special thanks to Ioana's kennel assistant Razvan Hozu, for running around to catch this poor stray. Although the stray dogs are friendly, they do fear human's mainly because they have witnessed the cruelty as their friends have been beaten, abused, or captured by ASPA dog catchers. So they are very wary and alert.

     It is heartbreaking to go to bed at night, listening to the barks, howls and yelps of the many street dogs, who cry out in hunger.
     The indifference shown to these 'Companion animals' is such a cultural shock to many Countries who consider dogs as 'man's
     best friend'. Even some Romanian pet owners consider stray animals as 'pests and vermin'. They love their own dogs, but
     poison the strays! Please help us to promote the situation, and to promote 'compassionate thinking' towards the Romanian
     strays. We need to change the mindset of many, and I will never give up in my quest, until this is achieved!!

'Snow' the beautiful white stray was lying on the streets of Harsova-Romania. In the centre of the town, the stray dogs would congregate, following people in the hope of receiving scraps. Poor Snow must have had no luck that day, as he had given up, and was lying on a grass verge, looking sad and alone..So we ran to the shop and fed him some dog food.
We spotted him as we were on our way to Bucharest, to take one lucky dog to her new forever home, complete with pet passport, for the first leg of her journey to begin her new life in Germany.  All the way, I could not stop thinking of 'Snow'...
On our return as darkness fell, we diverted back to the town square, and there was poor Snow, still lying in the same spot..Despite his sad life on the streets, he instantly recognised us, and without hesitation or fear, allowed me near, and I scooped him in my arms.
We took this lovely boy back to the safety of Maoland Shelter, where he currently lives. He was bewildered that first night, as there were so many strange new sounds and smells, but the very next day, he settled into his new kennel.
Snow is now available for adoption...Please visit Maoland Shelter on facebook for details.
Special thanks to a wonderful photographer called Julie O'Neill for visiting Maoland Shelter, to take photographs to promote the animals. The final picture of Snow is wonderful! Thank you Julie.

'Snow' is one of the lucky ones. There are many more Romanian dogs who desperately need loving homes, far away from the horrors of Romania. Please click the link below, to see the many dogs now available for sponsorship, adoption and rehoming..Thank you...

   'Momma Maoland'-Marinela Piperea tending to her pups,                                      Actress Lorraine Chase visits Maoland shelter in Romania
   who were cruelly dumped in plastic bags by the shelter bins...

                   Actor Peter Egan supports Romanian shelters

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