*Charity Song - 'Let it be you' - In Aid of Stray Animals*

Being a musician for many years, I have always wanted to use my talents, as another vehicle towards helping animals..

Having previously worked with wonderful singers such as Saffron (Republica), and Pola from K-9 Angels, during the recent Romanian Campaign, and the wonderful vocalist Maria Daines very kindly wrote the soundtrack song 'S.O.S' for the Borko Film, during our campaign in Bulgaria. Their work has inspired me to write a new song, specifically to raise public awareness to the plight of stray animals Worldwide...

I am calling out to all you great vocalists out there! Watch the video below to get a taste of the song. However, although I play many instruments, I sing like a wailing cat!! This is why I need your help! If any kind singers would like to record this song, it would really be appreciated, as being able to sing is the one thing that God never gave me, when he handed out those vocal chords! I need your beautiful voice to record this track, and to do it justice.

If any vocalists wish to sing the song, the finished track is sure to be something to be proud of, and listened to by many. The final song will highlight the plight of these poor animals, and raise public awareness. If any vocalists would like to volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated...Thank you.

                                 Contact Gary Edwards at [email protected]

Below is the actual melody only...The song is entitled 'Let it be you', and tells the story of the daily struggle of stray animal's, and I shall be playing both piano and guitar on the new track. I am asking any vocalists, if they wish to participate in this project, to contact me via email ** Contact Gary at [email protected] ** Thank You.

Let it be you MELODY1
                          Pola (K-9 Angels) 'Lets Go Home'                                                      Saffron-Republica - 'Christiana Obey'
                                                                     Maria Daines 'S.O.S' (Borko Soundtrack)

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